Environment, Energy, and Education


The purpose of this initiative is twofold:

  • Communicate Morocco’s potential in renewable energy for the purpose of seeking investments in this domain.
  • Actively participate in building a network of environmental competencies in Morocco, especially in the areas of green production and management; and so in collaboration with environmental educators and professionals in the US.


  • Built a partnership with the University of South Carolina’s School of the Environment.
  • Presented two projects during the AMCN during the NY meeting in June 2012, in an effort to seek funding from the Moroccan government.
  • Workshop I Spring of 2010: The Environment and Renewable Energy: The Case for Green Morocco
  • Article in Moroccoboard.com

Project Lead

  • Dr. Mohamed Belkhayat

Team Member

  • Ms. Selma Elouardigui
  • Mr. Driss Benmhend
  • Mr. Ahmed Lahjuji
  • Mr. Amir Moore