Girls Backpack Project


The Girls Backpack Project provides school supplies and backpacks for the upcoming year to 100 girls aged 7 to 14 in Ain Aitig orphange in Temera, Morocco.

Phase I of the project was in June 2012 where HMEMSA sent school supplies. Phase II was during Ramadan 2012 where HMEMSA raised over $2,000 in donations to purchase quality backpacks and several other school supplies to the girls at the orphanage. The backpacks were ordered from a local supplier to ensure that not only we provide these girls with backpacks, but also stimulate the local economy.

Team Members

  • Ms. Khadija Rheljari
  • Ms. Fouzia Rheljari
  • Ms. Sanae Saidi
  • Ms. Wafa Bennani
  • Dr. Mohammed Belkhayat