Health Mission 2018

Medical Mission 2018

HMEMSA did it again!  For the 3rd consecutive year they successfully completed their medical mission providing vital care to the under served in Morocco.   During their April mission they were able to visit children at 2 different orphanages where they provided much needed medical and dental treatment for the acute needs of many of the beautiful children.

A huge focus for HMEMSA is ensuring that the work they do on the medical missions can be continued after the volunteers go home.  To facilitate this, they spend time educating the orphanage staff along with local medical providers about ways to easily treat and prevent many of the things that were encountered.  Prevention is always the best medicine!  They also graciously donated a variety of medical equipment and supplies to ensure the required resources are locally available after the mission is complete.

This year’s trip was a little different though; the volunteer doctor team also incorporated some time at the Children’s Hospital in Rabat to establish a working relationship with their management so that, on future missions, more involved procedures can be accommodated.  It is these surgeries and invasive procedures which create the greatest quality of life improvement for the children.  This time well spent has opened the door to the Phase 2 of the 2018 Medical Mission where we hope to be able to visit again and provide truly lasting change for the children in Morocco.

During the mission, we had separate medical and dental teams providing services to the children.  Take a look through this snapshot of pictures to see them in action.

Photography by Orletha Marie Photograpy

Mission goals

  1. The main goal of this project is the exchange of expertise of the latest evidence based practices in various medical specialties to help the Moroccan health professionals advance in their practice while connecting, supporting and encouraging them to contribute to better the health of the orphans of Morocco.
  2. Provide training to orphanage staff on a variety of topics that interest them and benefits the physical and emotional well being of children in these institutions.
  3. Bring in needed health services to orphans at the orphanages to ease access and provide medical supplies to meet their health ongoing care needs.
  4. Create a follow up system for continuity of care.

Organizing Committee:

  • Wafa Bennis Bennani – HMEMSA Medical Committee Chair
  • Mohammed Belkayat – HMEMSA president
  • Zahra Alami – HMEMSA Board member
  • Tahar Ouaourir – HMEMSA mission coordinator in Morocco.
  • Laila Benhalima – HMEMSA mission representative in Morocco.
  • Houda Bensouda – HMEMSA mission representative in Casablanca
  • Nisrine El Arrouf – Dental team coordinator

HMEMSA Medical Volunteers:

  • Dr. Sanaa Berrada – Dentist
  • Nisrine El Arrouf – Moroccan Dentist Volunteer
  • Dr. Zarmin Walgi – Pedodentist
  • Dr. Bill Chester – Anesthesiologist
  • Hind Berrada – Pediatrician
  • Dr. David Bianchi – Ear Nose Throat Specialist
  • Bridgette Smith – Registered Nurse
  • Wafa Bennani – Registered Nurse

Orphanage Lalla Hasnaa Liaison:

  • Habiba Alaoui – President
  • Samira Kaouachi – Director

Objectives of Phase one mission April 3rd to April 9th, 2018:

  1. Developmental Assessment and screening for dental, vision, hearing and medical conditions
  2. Treatments, follow-up process, and needs assessment for future missions.
  3. Exchange of expertise between HMEMSA medical team and Moroccan medical team and training of orphanage’s staff

Objectives of phase 2 mission:

  1. Continue collaborating with local doctors and hospitals to meet the needs assessed during phase one through case management and exchange of expertise.
  2. Send supplies and equipment necessary to assist in meeting the health needs of the children.
  3. Plan future mission with Medical specialties to meet the health needs of the children in the orphanages including surgeries.