Letter from Chair

Mission from the heart to save hearts

Our heart is overwhelmed with the support and the love received throughout this mission.  The lessons everyone learned are priceless so want to acknowledge every single one that made HMEMSA heart mission possible and is continuing to work on its ultimate goal:

Form the “Rapid Response Team” of Ibno Tofil Hospital
and duplicate this program in 12 hospitals by 2014

His Majesty Mohammed VI: Knows that there are Moroccans out there in the world eager to contribute to build Morocco and need support to offer their expertise, so he formed CCME and encouraged Minister MRE to support us.

Khadija Rheljari:  It all started with your life time dream to form a network of Moroccans/Americans educators and experts to share their expertise with our beloved homeland, Morocco.  Your dedication to our HMEMSA and the resources that you brought in to this project is unbelievable.  We wouldn’t have done it without you.  We love you so much.

CCME:  invited “ Women from Here and abroad” to attend conference in Marrakech.  There, our HMEMSA (Home of Moroccan Educators and Moroccan Students ) was born.  CCME 2011 conference  in Montreal was the fuel to gain more support of new HMEMSA members and forming HMEMSA

Fundraising Committee (Asma Benkhraba, Lin L.,  Amal, and other members) that raised the money to meet the mission needs. The bottom line is the greatest appreciation to your hard work.  Without the funds you raised and without the Moroccan community and their friends contribution, we would not have had the funds necessary to buy the equipment that our Moroccan team will be using to save lives

Pr. Harrif:  Thank you for believing in HMEMSA and connecting us with Pr. Boumzebra and the highly professional Moroccan team of CHU Marrakech.

Pr. Boumzebra: Thank you for your invitation and support to do this mission.  Your amazing grass work in building a great Cardiac Surgery and intensive care unit in Morocco very little resources is an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you for coming all the way to Los Angeles to meet with our team.  Thanks to Sanaa and all your team too.

Our Embassy in Washington:  THe social department of our Embassy, Mr. Kassimi, and Ambassador Mr. Mekwar supporting us with letters of recommendations and many phone calls to get support for our mission.

Minister MRE: Our biggest donor and supporter for this mission providing us with airline tickets and lodging.  His Honor Mr. Amer, Mrs. Ghita Zouggari and Mr. Berrada professionalism, quick response to our e-mails, and hard work to satisfy the needs of our team was amazing.  Also their encouragement along with our Embassy to continue our mission when our original team canceled because of the bombing of Argana was the key to the continuation of this mission.

Operation Smile American Heart Association training center:  Mrs. Fouzia Mahmoudi leadership and support to partner with HMEMSA on this mission is so valuable and appreciated.  Abdou  Jbara hard work and 1000s of e-mails in doing the ground work to putting the educational part of our mission was one of the engines to the success and the high quality training we offered.  Thank you so much, working together we can make a great impact in our country and ensuring the continuation of this program to benefit all the hospitals in Morocco.

HMEMSA Medical Mission Team/ Operation Smile instructors (Jen, Eric, John, Chad, Pr. El Adib, Pr Chroqui, and Dr. Charat):  Thank you all for your hard work, volunteering your time, and offering your expertise.  For the American team, I hope that you will come back over and over again to Morocco and continue contributing to the long term goal of the mission.  I hope that you will be involved in the monthly conference internet meeting we are planning the last Thursday of every month at 1pm.

Minister of health:  Thank you dr. Jdidi for your time, interest in our project and partnering with HMEMSA, as well as connecting us with Dr. Baghou. 

The “Rapid Response Team” project Committee:  Pr. Harrif, Dr. Baghou, Pr. El Adib, Pr. Nejmi, and HMEMSA Medical Committee.  The success of this project for our Morocco is on our shoulders.  Persistence, Patience, and determination are the keys for our future success.

HMESA board members:  A special thanks to our president Amine for his support and the beautiful touches in everything we had to do under our organization name. And each one contributed in his /her own way.

Our original team (Dr. Gallik, Karen, Clark , Olympia, and Jeanne):  Thank you for your help and time in planning the mission and your continued support and donations even when you decided you could no longer be part of it.

Youness El Andaloussi: Thank you for staying up until 4am picking up our team from the airport and welcoming them to Morocco.

Wafa Zrgit:  Thank you for your hospitality at your RYAD and the gifts to the team.  You offered our team  beautiful taste of Morocco that will stay with them forever.

Mr Chaabi and Berrada :  Thank you for the elegant reception you offered us to end our mission.  Your generosity and hospitality is greatly appreciated.

We are all contributing to a “ Sadaka Jaria” and inshaallah we will get the blessing of saving live after we leave this world to be with our creator.  Get your energy to reach our above goal by remembering this verse from Quaran, Allah (SHWT) said:

                            “Whomever saves a life is as he has save the lives of all people” (my translation)


Wafa Bennis Bennani

HMEMSA Medical Committee Chair