Many Moroccan students make the choice to study abroad upon obtaining their high school diploma. It is probably one of the most important decisions that students make. For those of you deciding to pursue an education in the United States, HMEMSA is here to help you along this process. We would like to make sure that you make the right choices and plan accordingly for your new journey.

The American education system is quite different from the Moroccan and French education system. It is important to understand the differences.

The first task that you have to consider is to clearly define your goals and know your qualifications. The following questions can help you along the process:

  • Which major do you see yourself choosing?
  • What is your level of profficiency in English.
  • Do you need to enroll in an ESL institution? or can you directly enroll in an American university and start taking the core classes for your major?
  • What is your budget? or your family’s budget to finance your education in the United States.
  • Do you plan on returning to Morocco upon completion of your education or plan on finding a sponsorship within an American corporation? Many international students ignore this question, although it is very important.
  • Do you have friends or family in the United States? Have you thought of contacting them for advice or help before and after you get to the United States.
  • Why the United States?

There are a little more than 700,000 international students in the United States, and they all come to the United States for better education and/or career opportunities. You will find that programs, tuition, and application proces vary from region to the other and from university to the other.

After you have answered the previous questions, you can start your search for universities. You can find a list of all US universities by state here.

On the tab to the left, please find more information on English as Second Language (ESL) programs and institutions, for those of you who judge their english profficieny as inssuficiant to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), required by most universities to receive your admission.

Here are some criteria to help you choose the right university:

  • Undergraduate/Graduate programs;
  • Admission requirements;
  • Tuition Fees;
  • Admission deadline (make sure you know your deadlines);
  • The campus size;
  • International Students population;
  • Responsiveness of the admission office and International Students office.

Most universities have International Students Organizations/Associations. It can be helpful to do some research and contact members of the organization at your university of choice. You can usually find the organization on Facebook or on the university’s website. It is always helpful to get information from your peers than from the admission office. You could also make friends before arriving to the US, which can make your transition easier.