HMEMSA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Virgina USA. It's mission is education and support for the marginalized. Our board members are all US based and have strong ties to both US and Morocco.

Medical Missions

Effective medical nutrition can save lives and bring
hope to those in need.


HMEMSA sponsors and organizes educational projects for the benefit of Moroccan professionals and students

ABOUT hmemsa

Supporting the victims of the earthquake.

  • 1. Extend a helping hand to those affected by the Morocco earthquake.
  • 2. Contribute to relief efforts to alleviate their suffering.
  • 3. Show solidarity and compassion for the earthquake victims in Morocco.

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Wafaa Bennani is a school nurse who lives in California and has been doing volunteer work in orphanages and education for the last 20 years

Wafaa Bennani

school nurse

Mohamed Belkhayat is a power and energy engineer who is currently leading HMEMSA and also volunteers for various education projects

Mohamed Belkhayat

power and energy engineer

Fatiha Abderraziq is currently is leading our effort for PKU families education and support in Morocco

Fatiha Abderraziq

PUK leader

Hamza Husseini is our current treasurer The treasurer oversees financial management and budgeting for an organization.

Hamza Husseini


Adam Bennani is our current secretary handles administrative tasks and facilitates effective communication within an organization.

Adam Bennani


Jackie McCarthy is our previous treasurer and current adviser to HMEMSA president

Jackie McCarthy

treasurer and current adviser
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